Online Registration JOIN-TRANS 2018


The registration fee includes the conference proceedings, lunches, coffee/tea breaks, come together evening, dinner evening.

We would like to ask you for your permission to include the following address details in the list of conference participants: name, company, town.

Dinner 16th May 2018

Cancellations of participation at the conference are generally asked to be made in writing to the SLV Halle. In case of cancellation before the registration deadline the fee will be refunded in full. For cancellations received after May 02, 2018 the full fee will be charged and the conference booklet submitted. A substitute participant will be accepted. In this case there will no be additional cost.
Through submitting the registration form you accept processing of personal data by the SLV Halle GmbH for registration in our data base.

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Please note that photos will be taken during the conference, and you are propably pictured. With your attendance you confirm that we can use these photos in all media channels (print, online, social media, etc.).